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Unlicensed Staff/Assistant


Please note as a Broker or Agent you are responsible for following costs to have an assistant:

$75 quarterly per assistant 

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1.    Copy of W-2, 1099 or other form of employment verification must accompany this application.

2.    Application must be signed by Applicant and MLS Participant.

3.    Payment of fees must accompany this application.

4.    Applicant must complete Paragon Academy online course within 30 days of application.

(If you have a real estate license or are certified as an appraiser or appraiser trainee DO NOT use this application, call 985-868-7877 for REALTOR Member Application. Also, for you to apply for membership, your Sponsoring Broker or Certified Appraiser whom you are affiliated must hold membership in BBR MLS).



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